It is not only the manufacturing of machines and plants, but also the understanding of processes that distinguishes our developments

Originally founded by Heinrich Frings as a pure production company for fermented vinegar, FRINGS, now in its second generation, quickly developed into a technology and plant engineering company. The son of the company’s founder did not want to resign himself to what was given and vigilantly and with a feeling for the effectiveness of processes he pushed ahead with technology and plant developments that would soon make the name FRINGS known throughout the entire industry.

This demand still applies today, three generations later, to our research and development.

It is not only the manufacturing of machines and plants, but also the understanding of processes that distinguishes our developments. It is significant that in the area of research and development, FRINGS not only operates test stands but also its own pilot plant and fermentation laboratory where our qualified process specialists develop solutions for your requirements of tomorrow.

We use this innovative spirit both for the development of industry-specific series products and for customer-specific product and process developments within the scope of a single project.

A product portfolio based on experience.
Added value through expertise.

For our series products, we determine the requirements of the specific industry and design or develop suitable, largely standardized or modularized products and processes. In doing so, we always take into account that a product, whether it is a plant, an apparatus or even just a single sensor, is always in a process engineering context. Our specialists in application engineering therefore not only check the actual function but often also the application. In this way, we can always offer you added value through process engineering expertise when selling our products.

Individual solutions for all processes and procedures

If processes and procedures known so far do not help you to manufacture your products in a suitable way, we are also happy to offer you our cooperation. This ranges from simple process adaptation using innovative plant components, process testing in our laboratory or pilot plant up to complex new developments.

For the latter we also maintain a good network with internationally renowned and university research institutions. In the past, we have already realized many innovative projects in partnership.