In production, manual methods and machining processes are optimally coordinated

We manufacture the essential components of your systems ourselves in our own machine park. We rely on highly qualified and experienced employees. In production, manual processes and mechanical machining processes are optimally coordinated.

The production includes all machines and processes necessary for the manufacture of high-quality stainless steel plants.



This includes:

  • Cutting
  • Sheet metal forming
  • Rack production
  • Machining centers
  • Turning machines
  • Boring machines
  • Welding shop
  • Mobile welding equipment
  • Grinding and polishing stations
  • Cleaning system
  • Balancing bench
  • Pre-assembly

The production processes are planned and controlled by computer-based software. Material flow, machining, joining processes, surface treatment and finishing are planned via work plans with various intermediate tests. Depending on the qualification requirements for the product, these processes also include re-stamping documentation of the materials with melt certificates and the welding technology as such. This is relevant for the production of pressure equipment and plant components for the GMP-regulated industries. In this context, it should be mentioned that FRINGS is a certified “Manufacturer and Welding Company according to AD 2000 regulations / DIN EN ISO 3834” and that the “Management System Certificate according to ISO 9001:2015” naturally also covers all individual processes in the production process.