No systems “off the shelf”, but individual constructions and plant planning

Engineering at FRINGS is of great importance for many customer projects. In most cases, “construction kits” and “standard modules” of our machine and plant portfolio can be used, but many customer orders require individual configurations or even complex designs and plant planning.

In the past, we have specialized precisely in this area, not in offering “off the shelf” systems, but in responding in detail to specific customer requirements.

On the basis of an on-site visit, a precise description of the situation or a specification sheet, we prepare an initial system sketch. This can then be converted into a conceptual plant design.

“Conceptional Engineering” is followed by “Basic Engineering” and “Detail Engineering” of the machines and plants. In close coordination with the customer, the planning for the installation of the plants themselves as well as for the supply units can be taken into consideration. We often support our customers in the selection of supply units or integrate them into our plants.

Within the engineering process we use a number of computer-based tools, for example:

  • Flow chart development in 2D-CAD
  • Layout creation in 3D-CAD
  • Apparatus calculation with FEM
  • Flow calculation with CFD
  • Parts list generation in the ERP system