Tecnología química


FRINGS technologies have been used for decades in industrial process engineering to solve special requirements in gas/liquid reactions as well as for gas/liquid and solid/liquid separation.

Applications for our gas/liquid gassing reactors can be found in a wide range of chemical processes:

  • Oxidations
  • Chemisorption
  • Ozonation
  • Hydrogenations
  • Esterifications
  • Stripping processes
  • Supersaturation crystallization

The FRIBORATOR C aeration turbines integrated in PROREACT C reactors allow very high mass transfer coefficients to be achieved with comparatively low energy consumption. This is an enormous advantage that is becoming increasingly important in times of high energy prices and in consideration of the demand for resource-saving production processes.


The special rotor/stator technology of FRIBORATOR units combines two functions: Generation of finest gas bubbles, which enables a very high specific gas/liquid interface and thus mass transfer surface, and mixing with turbulent free-jets.

This combination yields some further characteristic advantages:

  • self-priming operation without compressor possible
  • very high gas yield (with headspace feed up to 100 %)
  • less installation effort
  • very good mixing performance with low energy input
  • combined dispersion, emulsification and/or crystallization processes possible

Many gas/liquid reactions and mixing operations are disturbed by foam. As additional equipment for reactors, our FOAMEX foam centrifuges enable safe and efficient operation. However, this technology is also useful for other process operations with foam formation, such as various evaporation processes or polymerization.

Frings offers solutions. Also for special requirements.

For a large number of different processes we are able to realize special apparatus, special units or special plants; be it special agitators, complete special reactors or even smallest units.
In addition, FRINGS works on the development and optimization of solid/liquid separation processes with membranes in downstream processing in addition to technologies for upstream processing. Here, Frings can look back on decades of tradition, too.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for a solution that is not otherwise available on the market.



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