The FRINGS submersible aerator TRG is a new type of aeration system for biological wastewater treatment that works exclusively with inlet pressure and is therefore particularly suitable for deep basins and high oxygen input quantities. In contrast to the TA but comparable to the TAK, with the TRG the fine bubbled air escapes into the liquid to be aerated through extended channels that are slotted on the upper side.

The unit consists of an aerator – which was developed from our proven submersible aerator TA – and a directly connected submersible gear motor.

The submerged aerator is operated in upright position on the bottom of the tank or basin.

Mode of operation of the «TRG»:

The impeller rotates in the center of the guide ring. Since the self-aspirating effect is too low at the high hydrostatic back pressures, the air is supplied via a pipeline in compressed (blower or compressor) manner. At the same time, water flows into the impeller, is intensively mixed with the air and the mixture is thrown radially outwards through the guide ring. Due to the rotation of the impeller and static guide ring, the air is divided into fine bubbles.

Thus, the large mass transfer surface gained and the strong turbulence of the generated flow allow high oxygen utilization.

The emerging air-water mixture is ejected at high speed close above the bottom of the tank or vessel and allows direct intensive aeration of tanks or vessels – depending on the aerator type – up to 11 m in diameter (basin-∅ A).

If possible, the basin diameter A should be used as a basis for planning. This should be possible in many cases because the aeration system allows great water depths and thus large basin volumes.

However, it is also possible to use tanks or basins with large surface areas, because around the diameter range A there is a zone that is aerated by the mammoth pump effect of the rising air bubbles (basin-∅ B).
The diameter B is chosen in such a way that flow velocities exist which prevent deposits.

Technical data (standard version):

  • Motor power 11 – 90 kW
  • Oxygen input capacities 70 – 600 kg/h (basin-∅ A)
  • Aerator parts made of stainless steel 1.4301 (AISI 304)
  • Socket made of HGW
  • Channels can be folded up (option)
  • Cast iron gear motors with high quality paint
  • Stainless steel shaft
  • Gear wheels made of tempered steel with hardened flanks
  • double mechanical seal made of silicon carbide (medium side)
  • Seal monitoring
  • Overheating protection

Special designs in higher quality material are possible.

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